Intellectual Anarchy

The Art of Disruptive Innovation

A new book by Dr. Patrick Sullivan, founder and CEO of Oceanit Laboratories.

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What It’s All About

Intellectual Anarchy is about how we can find disruptive solutions to hard problems, problems so difficult that they can seem impossible, such as climate change, sustainable energy, and rising healthcare costs. Problems of that magnitude demand radical new ideas—an incremental approach won’t work. Their solutions seemingly come out of left field, defying conventional wisdom, and overturning existing industries, practices, and business models

This book details the Intellectual Anarchy methodology followed at Oceanit for generating disruptive solutions to these problems and taking them from the idea stage all the way to the market—"Mind-to-Market”—including financing innovations to overcome the scarcity of venture capital anywhere away from the conventional tech hubs.

Dr. Patrick Sullivan, CEO Oceanit

Patrick Sullivan is a scientist, engineer, technologist, entrepreneur, businessman, public speaker, and futurist. He founded Oceanit in 1985 and developed its "Intellectual Anarchy" approach to the art of disruptive innovation. Dr. Sullivan has launched numerous private equity financed start-up and spin-out companies. In 2016, Hawaii Business Magazine named him "CEO of the Year," and Hawaii Business News named him a "2019 Titan of Technology."

Patrick Sullivan lives in Hawaii. He and his family are avid outdoorspeople and enjoy everything from surfing and skiing to rock climbing, as well as traveling to remote, uncharted places around the world with little more than a backpack.

About Oceanit

Oceanit practices Intellectual Anarchy to blend interdisciplinary science, technology, engineering, and innovative thinking to benefit our global community. Through spin-outs, co-development partnerships, licensing, and direct manufacturing, Oceanit is able to deliver deep science to disruptive, real-world breakthroughs with a practice called “Mind-to-Market.”

With headquarters in Honolulu, Oceanit employs over 160 scientists & engineers in Hawai’i, California, Texas, and Washington, D.C. We encourage inquisitiveness and are committed to pursuing responsible solutions to the world’s most difficult problems. Our culture values diverse teams with an elusive blend of people, expertise, technologies, and approaches to address and tackle problems like no one else. Across Oceanit, you will find uncanny teams of experts like nanotechnologists, structural engineers, sustainability experts, and biochemists working alongside each other. No two teams at Oceanit are the same.

Oceanit Headquarters, Honolulu Hawai'i

Empowering our teams to practice transdisciplinary thinking allows for extraordinary problem solving across traditional boundaries. Originally founded as an engineering firm, Oceanit has grown to encompass scientists and engineers working in the fields of nanomaterials, sensors & communications, life sciences & medicine, industrial products, artificial intelligence, energy, coastal sustainability, and space & defense.